Why we need a jobs board that’s just for the health sector

"Our health sector is facing a very complex set of challenges, and we certainly don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we do want to be part of the solution." - Joanne Kaczmarek, Co-founder HEALTH JOBS

There’s never been a more important time for our health sector workforce than right now. In Australia we are facing a health sector workforce shortage like never before…and it’s likely to get worse before it gets better. Here’s why.

Our population is growing, and over time this is creating more demand for health services generally. Our population is also ageing, and with that comes a growing number of older Australians who require very specific health care, treatments and support.

Our health services are expanding. As a nation we’re doing a better job of recognising and meeting the needs of all Australians, including people with disability and mental ill-health. This improved recognition has led to increased funding for these sectors, and in turn has led to greater demand for services, including personal care, allied health and psychology, and the creation of new health sector jobs.   

The nature of healthcare is evolving. The health system we have right now was designed to deal with acute health issues, but nowadays chronic health conditions are far more common and we’re entering a new phase of population-wide health emergencies, like COVID-19, that require emergency health workforces to mobilise and respond quickly and effectively in times of need. 

Our health workforce needs to grow to meet the increased demands, but at the moment there is a shortage of health professionals in Australia across the health sector; from doctors to nurses, occupational therapists to speech pathologists, psychologists to social workers, and support workers to community workers. The hardest hit areas are in regional, rural and remote Australia. 

Our health sector is facing a very complex set of challenges, and we certainly don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we do want to be part of the solution. 

So, we created HEALTH JOBS.

HEALTH JOBS is a jobs board designed specifically for the Australian health sector. Why do we need such a thing? Let us explain.

1. It makes sense

We care about the health of all Australians, and we know that a thriving health workforce is essential to achieving a healthy and happy Australia. Having health related jobs centralised in one place just makes sense. 

2. It’s a jobs board just for you! 

If you’re a job seeker, you’ll be able to access all the great opportunities the health sector has to offer across Australia in one place without needing to trawl through all the jobs you’re not interested in on the other platforms; a health sector jobs board can help you shape an amazing career.

If you’re an employer, our simple and affordable recruitment platform will mean you’re not paying premium prices so that people who aren’t interested in your jobs can filter you out. Don’t pay other jobs boards to promote jobs in all the other sectors. With HEALTH JOBS, you can pay less per ad and actually target the right people.

3. We’re big enough

The Australian health workforce is over 1.8 million people strong, and at any given time there are tens of thousands of job opportunities floating around the internet. The health industry is the largest employing industry in Australia, and we’re growing. 

With looming critical workforce shortages, having health related jobs in one place will showcase the health sector as a desirable career choice, help us to see the areas of greatest need, and help us to understand the sector better. 

A health sector jobs board is not going to solve all the current and emerging issues we discussed at the start of this article, but it’s a contribution we are able to make right now, and we believe that it can make a difference.

Join us in building our health workforce. To learn more, visit health-jobs.com.au. Email us at hello@health-jobs.com.au to get a special discount code to get you started. 

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