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Do I need a HEALTH JOBS Job Seeker profile to apply for a job on HEALTH JOBS?


But, we recommend you do set up a Job Seeker profile, as it can enhance your application in the following ways:

  • The resume you upload and save to your Job Seeker profile will automatically attach to any job application you start (you can also choose a different resume while working on a job application if you like), saving you time and effort.
  • The information you have in your Job Seeker profile will pre-fill any job application you start, saving you even more valuable time.
  • In your Job Seeker profile, you have the option of allowing prospective employers to see your profile, which can increase interest in you as a candidate, and provides the employer with other useful information, like a direct link to your LinkedIn profile for example.

Also, when you have a HEALTH JOBS Job Seeker profile, you can save jobs you’re interested in for later by selecting the ‘heart’ button on any job listing. When you’re ready to review the job information or start on the application at a later time, simply login to your Job Seeker account to see all your favorited jobs. 

To learn more, see the FAQ “How do I set up a HEALTH JOBS Job Seeker Profile?

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