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How do I apply for a job on HEALTH JOBS?

Prospective employers will ask you to submit your job application in 1 of 3 ways. 

  1. Via their recruitment website or platform.
  2. Via email.
  3. Through the HEALTH JOBS’ portal.

When submitting your application using options 1 or 2, simply follow the employer’s instructions.

If you're submitting your application using option 3, the process is as follows.

Signing up for a Job Seeker profile is not mandatory for applying for a job on HEALTH JOBS, but it is a good idea . A Job Seeker profile helps to pre-populate job applications with your profile information, including your resume. To learn more, see the FAQ “How do I set up a HEALTH JOBS Job Seeker Profile?" or click here to start your account.

If you have a HEALTH JOBS Job Seeker account, sign in, then, select the “Apply to this job” button on the job you want to apply for.

If the employer has chosen to accept applications through HEALTH JOBS, you'll be taken to an online form. If you have a HEALTH JOBS Job Seeker account, most of the information on this form will be pre-filled (and editable); then all you have to do is fill in the gaps.

If you don’t have a HEALTH JOBS Job Seeker account, your next step is to fill in all the information in the form. Attach your resume using the “Choose file” button, and write or copy-and-paste your cover letter into the field provided. 

Once you’ve double checked your application to make sure you've used correct spelling and grammar and that the application has everything it needs. Then, select the “Submit application” button at the bottom of the form.

Your application will then be submitted to the employer, and you will receive an email notification with confirmation that your job application has been submitted.

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